The Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries (AHCSM) was founded in July 2007 and is based in Melbourne, FL. The Alliance was created through a collaborative effort of Samaritan Ministries International of Peoria, Illinois and Christian Care Ministry of Melbourne, Florida for the purpose of protecting and preserving the rights of their members, and Christians in general, to engage in healthcare cost sharing as a viable alternative for their medical needs. In January of 2017, the Alliance was joined by the Christian Healthcare Ministries of Barberton, Ohio.

The Alliance was established as a 501(c)(6) trade organization to represent the common interests of Health Care Sharing Ministry organizations which are facilitating the sharing of health care needs (financial, emotional, and spiritual) by individuals and families, and their participants.

The Alliance is comprised of the nation’s two largest health care sharing ministries:  Christian Care Ministry and Christian Healthcare Ministries.

Today, there are over 1 million Health Care Sharing participants with approximately 85% of those represented and supported by a HCS ministry that is a member or affiliate of the Alliance.

HHS now says there are over 100 registered health care sharing ministries around the country. Most are small church affiliated ministries.

On January 1, 2017, the Alliance announced the appointment of its new president, Dr. Dave Weldon.


The Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries serves Christians throughout the United States and many foreign countries, by enabling them to share health care costs. These Christian health care sharing ministry members support each other as the early Christians in the Book of Acts joined together to meet each other’s needs. These faith-based ministries provide financial, emotional, and spiritual support to members. The Alliance advocates in the public policy arena on issues of importance to health care sharing ministries.

The Alliance engages in advocacy at both the federal and state levels and interacts with regulators, members of the media, and the Christian community to provide accurate and timely information on medical cost sharing.


Protect the liberty of our member ministries to practice their religious convictions in health care.

Inform legislators of the important work and benefit of health care sharing ministries.

Seek exemptions from mandates requiring our members to purchase health insurance, in that they are already served in this area by the ministries which they participate in.

Seek exemptions from insurance mandates for employers who provide health care assistance to employees through HCSM.

Seek parity with other health care solutions with respect to federal and state tax codes.

The Alliance Partners

If you are interested in joining a health care sharing ministry as an individual or household, click on the icons below to learn more about the health care sharing ministries that comprise the Alliance. Health Care Sharing satisfies the Federal health care law’s (Affordable Care Act) requirement that individuals purchase insurance or pay a penalty-tax (see 26 United States Code Section 5000A, (d) (2) (B)).

The Ministries have all received letters of certification as recognized health care sharing ministries by the Department of Health & Human Services (via Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).

  • View Christian Care Ministry’s certification letter for the Medi-Share program
  • View Christian Healthcare Ministries certification letter

The IRS has issued Form 8965 along with finalized instructions explaining how members of a recognized health care sharing ministry can apply for an exemption to the individual mandate on their annual federal income tax return.

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